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Write a "NDEF Menssager" using K64F

Question asked by André Aleixo on Jan 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Kan_Li


I am using the “NTAG I2C Plus Antenna board” with a “Kinetis Freedom board FRDM-K64F” and I established NFC communication between the tag and my phone. I would like to write a "NDEF Menssager" for the tag using k64f and be able to read the message on the phone later on.


I am currently using the libraries provided by this material:


Would you have any suggestions or library indications that would make it easier to write (NDEF) in the tag through k64f?


If the writing is not possible, how could I control the information that is sent from the tag to the phone? Is there any application that gets SRAM information from the tag?



Beforehand, I sincerely apologize if the question has already been asked in the Community section, I couldn't find anything similar. I would really appreciate if you could reply as soon as possible.


Many Thanks,

André Aleixo.