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LS1012A new design

Question asked by ran wainstein on Jan 14, 2018
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We are designing a board based on LS1012A CPU, We will have different DDR then in FRDM Ref. Board.
We have no prior experience with NXP/Freescale Discrete designs.
What are the mandatory tools that I need in order to complete my bringup ?

1. Do I need Code Warrior ? If yes - What suite ?
2. Do I need to change the default RCW that FRDM BSP Builds ? Is RCW Board or CPU specific ?

3. What do I use for JTAG access ?

4. How do I define a new DDR Type in u-boot ? Should I choose a DDR that is supported already in uboot or use Code Warrior to perform DDR Training to whatever DDR I choose ?


Lot's of questions ...I know