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Can't read or erase non-write protected JN5169; why?

Question asked by Henri Zikken on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Henri Zikken

I have a commercial device containing a JN5169. I can program it, but can't read it, although no read protection is set.


I always chalked this up to some kind of read protection. However, now I purchased some 'empty modules', and these behave exactly the same. Why?


The read fails at 0x200.


I am using these devices now:

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I can flash them, but then it appears like stale data in the EEPROM is messing things up. However, I can't read them or erase the EEPROM.


When using the production flash programmer to erase the eepromp, either full or pdm, i get: 

Error erasing EEPROM: Read error loading extension binary into RAM


Just flashing them without verifying works, and the output I get then, is the output I wrote into the application for it, so it is running the new version of software then.


However, when I'm trying to program and verify:

Error: Read error reading Flash at address 0x00000200


I'm using the production flash programmer build 1365. I have also tried flashing from Beyondstudio, this works, but also gives the verification error.


The deviceconfig:



All userdate fields are set to 0xFF.