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i.MX6Q Audio Register Settings Confirmation

Question asked by Scott Kerstein on Jan 12, 2018
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Using a i.MX6Q_SABRE_SDP board running on a WEC7 software platform and having an issue getting audio to come out of the audio mux component of the chip.


Please confirm the register settings for the i.MX audio mux and ssi interface to properly get audio out of on the SABRE_SDP board.


Present Configuration:


App xmit data is DMA’d to SSI2 TX FIFOs à Aud Mux port 2 ---- Aud Mux port 3 being fed TXFS and TXC from audio codec (i2s master)


SSI Config:

STCCR before xmit = 0x16100

SFCSR before xmit = 0xf880f88

SCR before xmit = 0x151

STCR before xmit = 0x38d

SISR before xmit = 0x0

SIER before xmit = 0x0

SFCSR after DMA = 0xf880f88

SISR after xmit = 0x0

SCR after xmit = 0x153

SFCSR after xmit = 0xf880e88


Aud Mux;

PTCR2 = 0x94800800

PDCR2 = 0x4000

PTCR3 = 0x800

PDCR3 = 0x2000


I see a TX FS or 44.1 Khz and a TXC of 2.63Mhz


Thank you in advance,