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Some issues about UART communication during using NXP BSC9132 development board.

Question asked by Pengfei XIA on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Pengfei XIA

1、Do you have a related routine about UART communication, which can be downloaded to the development board for data transmission and reception?

2、Where is the location of the various hardware registers of the BSC9132 development board in the program?

3、 On the BSC9132 development board, the port configuration of UART2 and UART3 (DUART2) is initialized in the location of the program, where the default is DUART1.

4、The BSC9132 development board purchased  has downloaded some basic function program (realizing UART0 communication interaction). Will the content be covered by its own development program or will it continue to be retained?