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Mfgtool2 -noui process needs to be killed when done

Question asked by Magnus Persson on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by Atis Cace

I am using the command line interface of MfgTool2 to program an I.MX6Q processor. This is done in a Windows batch script to simplify our manufacturing process that also involves some other activities, like FPGA configuration.

The Platform, Profile and Variable settings are fetched from cfg.ini and the command only contains the -l switch to select the List (activity) from the profile ucl2.xml:

> Mfgtool2 -noui -l "bootstrap_spi-to-emmc"

The problem is that the Mfgtool2 process, that is started and executed correctly from the above statement, doesn't terminate when the activity is done.


So the only thing I can do is to set a timeout at an approximate time and then kill the process:

> Mfgtool2 -noui -l "bootstrap_spi-to-emmc"

> timeout /t 70

> taskkill /f /im "Mfgtool2"


Does anyone know why Mfgtool2 doesn't terminate when done?

For some reason I cannot fetch the output generated by MfgTool. Even if redirecting STDOUT and STDERR.

So my only chance to improve the script is to parse the generated logfile "MfgTool.log" to see if the command was successful.


Fur sure, I cannot be the only one requesting a descent manufacturing tool that can be used in a Windows batch script.

What am I missing? Is there some other clever way or tool that can be used to configure the board in the factory.

I am constrained to use only the USB interface as programming interface of the i.MX6.