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'Build Project' has encountered a problem

Question asked by brian cavanagh on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Alice_Yang

Hi, this message never comes up when I'm at my office, only when I'm at home.



KDS Version 3.2.0

PE Micro Multilink Universal



What I notice is at work when I choose 'Build Project', a file called 'EyeRelief.elf' is created.

I navigate to Debug Configurations and see 'EyeRelief.elf' at the location "C/C++ Application:" 

Before I leave work I copy the entire project file to my thumb drive. 


When I get on my home computer:

I drop the project on my desktop and I can still see EyeRelief.elf in the debug folder.


I then try to compile and I get the message below:



I then look in my debug folder and the EyeRelief.elf file is no longer there.


One attempt I tried to use to try and resolve this issue is:

Right-Click on Project Name, followed by 'Clean Project'.  I try and compile again with the same results.


Below are a couple of screen captures that I hope will provide some insight:

The capture above is what I see when I select "New_configuration" >> Main Tab


The capture above is what I see when I select "New_configuration" >> Debugger Tab



Can someone give me some guidance on how to correct this?