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How to use a newer u-boot and kernel with NXP SDK 2.x on a T2080RDB

Question asked by Roberto Innocenti on Jan 10, 2018

As SDK 2.X for T2080RDB use a quite old u-boot and kernel how we can easly use a more recent uboot and kernel ?


We are working a new notebook T2080 motherboard , and now we are working with uboot with the T2080RDB

include/configs/T208xRDB.h · 691d9dbf8afd1e89dfb426483944a1d829a88413 · oshw-powerpc-notebook /… 

As me have Video ROM failed to map! error Video ROM failed to map! (#1) · Issues · oshw-powerpc-notebook / · GitLab 

So we want to check if upgrading uboot and kernel something different happen.


Many Thanks!