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IMX7D, LPDDR3 register setting Query

Question asked by Logesh S on Jan 10, 2018
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We are using IMX7D (MCIMX7D3EVK10SD) in our board along with Kingston LPDDR3 (08EMCP08-EL3DT227-A01U). I'm filling out the (MX7D_LPDDR3_register_programming_aid_v1_4) Register Programming sheet. I have below query in DDRC_DRAMTMG4 register,


1. What should I want to fill under T_RP? It is mentioned as Same Bank in below description, Please confirm should i want to use Precharge time for One Bank or All banks (Please find the attachment for Datasheet snip)



T_RP21/18700000007Note, the user must supply the tRP (in ns) value from the DRAM data sheet.
Description: tRP: Minimum time from precharge to activate of same bank.
Since this design is configured with MEMC_FREQ_RATIO=2, t_rp should be set to RoundDown(RoundUp(tRP/tCK)/2) + 1. (this is performed automatically)
Unit: Clocks.
Value After Reset: 0x5


Please confirm as soon as possible. Thanks