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KL02Z External Interrupt ISR not called

Question asked by Richard Gagliardo on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by Richard Gagliardo

Hi all,

I'm working on a project using a KL02Z controller and am trying to configure the Port B pin 5 as an interrupt. I'm using the MCUXpresso IDE.


I've configured the pin as an input and set the interrupt to trigger on a falling edge:

PORT_SetPinInterruptConfig(PORTB, PIN5_IDX, kPORT_InterruptFallingEdge); /* Set PORTB5 (pin 13) to interrupt on falling edge */

Note: Pin5_IDX is defined as 5U.

This actually calls a macro:

static inline void PORT_SetPinInterruptConfig(PORT_Type *base, uint32_t pin, port_interrupt_t config)
base->PCR[pin] = (base->PCR[pin] & ~PORT_PCR_IRQC_MASK) | PORT_PCR_IRQC(config);

Next the interrupt is enabled:


This calls another inline macro:

NVIC->ISER[0U] = (uint32_t)(1UL << (((uint32_t)(int32_t)IRQn) & 0x1FUL));


When I run the code and toggle the input to pin 13 on the CPU, I see that the PORTB->PCR[5] has the value of 0x010a0105. That indicates that the ISF flag has been set, so the interrupt has triggered. 

Additionally, the PORTB->ISFR indicates a value of 0x20, which also indicates that the interrupt has triggered.


Looking at the NVIC->ISER, the value is 0x80020400. The fact that Bit 31 is set indicates that the PortB interrupts should be enabled.

The NVIC->ISPR is similar: the value is 0x80000400, indicating that the PortB interrupt is pending.


Looking in memory at address 0x000000BC I see that the 32 bits there are 0x00001150, which is not the default handler but my ISR, so I think I've got that setup OK.


Finally, at the end of the processor init routine I have the statement:

__ASM volatile ("cpsie i" : : : "memory"); // Enable IRQ

which enables the maskable interrupts, so I'm assuming that isn't an issue.


What I don't see is the tool stop at my first statement in the ISR, which is where I increment a global variable. That variable is still at zero, indicating that the ISR hasn't been called.


Oh, one final thing - when I halted the execution to look at the variables the processing was in a while look in my main code (just spinning for now), so I don't think it's a matter of the ISR being starved for attention.


Any suggestions?


Thanks so much in advance.