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NXP has Java Cards?

Question asked by james mason on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Jonathan Iglesias

Hello Everyone,


Why there is no search result about "JCOP" or terms like J2A040 and j3d081 in NXP website? I want to start Java Card developement and find Java Cards in market named

1. JCOP21-72
2. J2A040 NXP JAVA based smart card, 40k EEPROM
3. jcop31
4. jcop41


But the terms in NXP website are: - SmartMX, MIFARE DESFire, etc., or - P5CC021, P5CC040, P5CC073, P5CC080, P5CC144


Why does the market and the manufacturer use such different terms?



If I buy a SmartMX does it come with OS or not? NXP programs the OS or Hadoop ? Am I capable of doing it myself?

Where can I find a detailed specification of each JCOP OS?