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J-LINK is unable to connect with iMX6ULL EVK

Question asked by Bartosz Nowak on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by sunmy fong

Hello Everyone,


I recently start to work with IMX6ULL EVK. I'm working with J-Link Base Firmware 6.22d (with 6.22c also don't work).

While i was trying connect JTAG debugger to board I came across some serious problem. I don't know why after removing resistors: R1407, R1431~R1434, I can't connect to core. Log is in attachment.


After some analys I figured it out that there is a daisy chain connection between some other components and according to Reference Manual 0x088C101D, IRLen: 04, JTAG-DP is a imx6ull core.


According to JLink wiki I've written the script which was selecting JTAG-DP from daisy chain (I was also trying to select CoreSight). After my many approaches to make some connection with this device, it is still don't work as it suppose to. Log from this is in Log_JLinkExeScript file.


Changing speed don't help. Changing booting modes don't help.


Right now I hitting the wall and don't have any idea what i should do to solve my problem...


I would be grateful for any help.


700-28616 REVA1

SCH-28616 REV C2