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GPIO configuration for LIN module on MPC5777M ?

Question asked by anishchoudhary on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by anishchoudhary

I am working on MPC5777M EVM board for LIN module implementation. For this I want to transmit the data from LINFlexD_1(Master) side to LINFlexD_0(Slave) side using interrupts. I has done interrupt portion and GPIO configuration . But i am not sure for GPIO part so please find the following GPIO configuration and make sure it that correct or not ?



void GPIOConfigurationLIN1_Master(void)
    SIUL2.MSCR_IO[41].B.SSS = 0x04u;     // Pad PC[9]: Source signal is LIN1_TXD
    SIUL2.MSCR_IO[41].B.ODC = 0x2u;        // Pad PC[9]: push-pull Output.
    SIUL2.MSCR_IO[41].B.OERC = 0x3u;    // Pad PC[9]: Maximum Skew rate
    SIUL2.MSCR_IO[41].B.ILS = 0x0u;        // Pad PC[9]: Automotive enable


void GPIOConfigurationLIN0_Slave(void)
    SIUL2.MSCR_IO[44].B.IBE = 0x1u;    /* Pad PA[13]: Enable pad for input - LIN0_RXD */
    SIUL2.MSCR_MUX[848u-512u].B.SSS = 0x01u;