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LPC1830 Hang-up after Reset with RESET_CTRL0 register

Question asked by Ken Su on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by jeremyzhou



I reset LPC1830 with RESET_CTRL0 register, I use CORE_RST or MASTER_RST to reset.


But sometimes LPC1830 will hang up after Reset.

Before I reset LPC1830, I will reset another IC by I2C interface.

It's hard to debug why LPC1830 hang up after reset, but I did some experiment.


If I add some delay before LPC1830 SW reset. It will not hang up.

Or I use __DSB() before LPC1830 SW reset. I will not hang up.


It seems that LPC1830 is unstable before reset if I didn't call __DSB() or add some delay.


I search some forum "NVIC_SystemReset(void" is suggest method, but it will cause LPC1830 hang up.


Does the __DSB() be suggested function before SW reset?