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Software ISP i.MX.6 bayer -> YUV

Question asked by YOUXIN SU on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by Marco Madrigal



I am looking for a software ISP solution to convert bayer camera sensor format to YVU on i.MX.6Q.


I've read through other discussions about the fact that IPU doesn't support convert bayer to YUV on-the-fly.

I've came across a application note from the soon to be released i.MX.8 platform, which talked about a software ISP implementation which uses OpenCL. 


Since it's OpenCL, I would expect it will work on i.MX.6Q(i.MX.6 does support OpenCL 1.1EP) as well. 


Would be much appreciate if you guys can provide source code of that application note?