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Tag Distance Testing With NFC Cockpit and OM25180FDK

Question asked by Mark Shughart on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Mark Shughart

I'm looking into an RFID application, and trying to characterize tag read distance in different orientations. I can get NFC Cockpit and OM 25180FDK to read different tags (the ISO15693 "Inventory" option or Type A "REQA" depending on the tag). When I try to switch from the default antenna built on the board to the second included PCB antenna, I'm having a lot of trouble reading anything at all. I think this is because I don't understand all the settings exposed in NFC Cockpit, and haven't been able to find a video or Application note that walks me through what I'm trying to do. I am hoping someone here can help. It should be simple as I only care about how far away I can read a tag until I get firmware support from another team member.


Could someone help me set the board to max RF power, and I can cycle Type A REQA or 15693 Inventory? I don't need Dynamic Power at the moment, so I hope that simplifies the request.