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Which NXP ARM processsors have LIN capability ?

Question asked by Ahto Moorast on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Ahto Moorast

I am looking for potential alternatives for my current uC. Currently published it under Kinetis space, since there's no 'general uc' space.


Searching through datasheets and reference manuals, I can't pinpoint where to look when I want to find uC-s that have LIN protocol capability. DigiKey suggests that only MK22FN 1M0 AV LK 12 has LIN but I couldn't confirm that in the Datasheet.


I am more interested in low pin count and/or small footprint uC, 64...80 WLCSP, QFN...

Kinetis doesn't have to be the only uC family. ARM and KEIL support is more critical.


Thanks a bunch!


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