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Setting up a PIL Simulation for MCU 5643L in Matlab, CodeWarrior Classic

Discussion created by David Hind on Jan 8, 2018
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I have a Matlab Simulink model from which I generate C code using Matlab Embedded coder. I'd like to run processor in the loop (PIL) simulations using my target MCU (NXP 5643L) from Matlab using the auto-generated code. The compiler I'm using for the target is CodeWarrior Development Studio for MPC55xx/MPC56xx (Classic IDE) v2.10 (from within software it's version 5.9.0, build 3510), I believe this also needs to be used in the process to build the generated code?


I've done some on target testing previously using the 5643L, in that case I set up a project in CodeWarrior, then the auto-generated files would overwrite the project source files and I initiated build and execute processes using a batch file.This doesn't constitute PIL though, I'm struggling to see how to set it up to work from Matlab.


Does anyone have any experience of setting up a Matlab PIL simulation for a 5643L or similar? How can I integrate CodeWarrior into the process to re-build the project using the new auto-generated code? I assume this all needs to be set up from the Matlab side? Does anybody have any material that would help that they could possibly share with me? I was thinking to save some time I'd use the Lauterbach TRACE32 simulator instead of the actual target initially.



Any help much appreciated. Thanks!


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