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Flash memory test library generated from Processor Expert

Question asked by Arturo Arteaga on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Kerry Zhou



I wanted to know if there are any libraries with functions that allow to test the flash memory during startup or cyclically every certain period of time for 32 bit uC, in order to detect any one bit error and most of the two bit errors of the program copies and the data stored in the volatile flash memory.

If this library exists with these testing functions, I would also like to ask you whether it is possible to generate it using the Processor Expert tool in KDS from a specific component generated by the component library.


If it is not possible to generate it by means of Processor Expert can you please tell me another way where I can find this library with these functions or how could I develop a function to make a similar test of the flash memory?


Thanks a lot,




Arturo Arteaga