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Customized QuadSPI Look-up Table/Flash Access Scheme

Question asked by martinzohlhuber on Jan 8, 2018
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i.MX 7Dual Applications Processor Reference Manual, Rev. 0.1, 08/2016

implies (Section Flash Devices) that a user can create customized QuadSPI Instruction with Look-up Table and Programmable Sequence Engine.


Figure 10-17. Serial Flash Access Scheme illustrates a pattern:

Instruction (1 Byte) – Address (3/4 Byte) – Mode  (1 Byte) – Dummy (max 64 Byte) – Data


My Quad-SPI Device expects scheme:

Instruction (1 Byte) – Address (4 Byte) – Value (2+ Byte) – Dummy (max 16) – Data


With “Value” are two byte sent from i.MX to the device (like length of the data to be read/written)

Is it possible to define such a scheme?

How should the Look-Up Table be defined?

CMD   | 0xAB

ADDR  | 0x20

???? | 0x0004

DUMMY | 0x0A

READ  | 0x04

STOP  | 0x00