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imx28 sgtl5000 recording issue

Question asked by Christian Fischer on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Christian Fischer

Hello guys,


i have an issue trying to record from an SGTL5000 using 8kHz sampling rate.

The soundquality is very bad, higher samplerates are okay.

I think there is an issue in one of the kernel-drivers.


We are using a custom board with the sgtl5000, installed kernel is 3.14.35 with backported patches from mainline to

- sound/soc/mxs/mxs-pcm.c

- sound/soc/mxs/mxs-saif.c

- sound/soc/codecs/sgtl5000.c

- sound/soc/mxs/mxs-sgtl5000.c


I'am as good as possible on the current mainline drivers, except of underlying frameworks.


arecord -D "hw:0,1" -t wav -f S16_LE -c 2 -r 8000 test.wav


I've attachted a sample recording with 8 kHz, it sound like there a missing samples.

And a file with 48 kHz sampling rate, same hw and settings.

Capture-vol: 67, mic-vol: 33, AVC-off, Capture-ZC off.


The hardware is almost exactly the reference from the sgtl5000 datasheet.


Can anyone help me?

Thank you guys!!

kind regards,