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WeChat Public Account of Way to Automotive Expert(微信公众号--汽车电子成长之路) for Chinese customers/engineers

Discussion created by E.w. Hu Employee on Jan 4, 2018
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Hello, everyone!


I have setup a dedicated WeChat Pulblic Account --Way to Automotive Expert(微信公众号--汽车电子成长之路) to introduce our NXP AMP products/solution as well as CodeWarrior and S32DS IDE use tips in Chinese since July of 2017. I  always insist to write and update my own original papars in time and focus on common/tough technical issues, there are about 40 own original technical papars have be released on the  WeChat Public Account, I list them as belew, you can directly click your preferred toptic and read it on the website link.:





   I also recommend you to scan the following invitation QR code with your own Wechat login and follow me:


After you follow the account, you can also leave you questions in Chinese and have discussion with me in Chinese at you convenience, you are welcomed and wait for you!


PS: I  will continue to write the techncial papars and share them in the WeChat Public Account as I wish my work can help more guys especally the Chinese customer R&D engineers.


Best Regard,

Enwei Hu(胡恩伟)