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Current leakage on i.MX7D before power on sequence

Question asked by Bruce Tsai Employee on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Yuri Muhin

The customer system is dual board design.

A board is Other brand CPU+OSC

B board is i.MX7D+XTAL


They shared A board's OSC clock channel to i.MX7D external clock input.

 The configuration in kernel: SD1_DATA1 => CCM_EXT_CLK2



But the power time slot of A board is earlier than B board.

So SD1_DATA1 has clock input from A board OSC before i.MX7D start its power on sequence.

It causes current leakage into the other two pins(NVCC_SD1 & VLDO3_3V3).

Signal of SD1_DATA1 (Red)

Signal of NVCC_SD1(Blue)

Signal of VLDO3_3V3(Green)


The customer would like to know what is the side effect under this condition.


By the way,we get information from i.MX6 datasheet about current leakage of power on sequence.

But we can't catch any information like this on i.MX7D datasheet.

Is there any version difference on it?