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CCCSClient::ResetToDebug: Network timeout

Question asked by Laurent Pineau on Jan 5, 2018

We are using USB TAP (900-75116; REV A; 01001362) to debug (via CodeWarrior) and to program (via 56800E Flash programmer) our target DSP 56F8355. CodeWarrior IDE version is 5.9.0 (build 4713) on Windows XP.


Unfortunately, I no longer can program or debug our target:

  • The "TX/RX" led on the USB TAP blinks and the "RUN/PAUSE" led remains RED,
  • An error "CCCSClient::ResetToDebug: Network timeout" is always displayed by Flash Programmer (please find enclosed its log file).


Could you please help to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance for your help.