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S32 Design studio for Power debug error on MPC5634M

Question asked by ARJUN RAVEENDRANATH on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by ARJUN RAVEENDRANATH

I am struggling to run a project on S32DS for Power ver 1.2, build ID: 170613.

I have a single function "sysclk_init" that is called in main. This only initializes the fmpll. there are no interrupts enabled.

When I step through the code, on entering this function an exception is thrown. Depending on "sysclk_init" is called before or after "xcptn_xmpl()" function, different errors are thrown- (console1.png,console2.png) 

I am using PE micro USB multilink.

The debugger settings is attached (debug_settings.PNG).

Also attached is the project.

I have gone through the below links, but could not arrive at a solution after implementing the changes mentioned.


Any pointers to move forward?

Any working examples for MPC5634M ON S32 DESIGN studio is available?