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Excessive MMA8452Q Wake Acceleration

Question asked by Tom G on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Tom G

I am using the MMA8452Q. The device is configured to generate ASLP and TRANSIENT interrupts. When the device is tapped an interrupt is generated and after ASLP expires the SLEEP interrupt is generated and the device enters SLEEP. If tapped again while in SLEEP the device wakes, generates a TRANSIENT interrupt and enters SLEEP again when ASLP expires. The transient threshold is set to 0.063 g so only slight taps will generate the TRANSIENT interrupt. However, it takes a much harder tap to awaken the device than when it is awake. How can the acceleration required to wake the device be set to match the awake acceleration?


I have verified that the value in TRANSIENT_THS is the same when in SLEEP and AWAKE.