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FRDM-k66f usb CDC host

Question asked by christian brisson on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by christian brisson

Hi, i have started work on a project that requires the use of the USB host CDC. I am trying to make the example found in the SDK work with my device.


I am using the SDK 2.3.0 with MCUXpresso IDE.

The example i am trying to use is the host_cdc_bm.


When debugging, plugging my device on the K66F board, i see that it is detected:

The console prints:

device cdc attached:
pid=0x2018vid=0x3eb address=1
cdc device attached


But when i try to send data to it, i get kStatus_USB_TransferFailed in the USB_HostCdcDataInCallback. From what i can understand so far this is cause by a timeout. But i can't figure out why this is happening.


Usb is kind of new to me, any help in figuring this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you