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How to bitbake microwindows with freetype2 support

Question asked by David XY Zhou on Jan 3, 2018
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I try to bitbake microwindows with freetype2 or freetype support. I bitbaked freetype which is built into



I exported microwindow to build/workspace/source/microwindows/src (0.91 version)


in the config file under the src, I enabled HAVE_FREETYPE2_SUPPORT

I got error when compiling ./engine/font_freetype2.c

FTC_ImageTypeRec has no member of font.


typedef struct FTC_ImageTypeRec_
    FTC_FaceID face_id;
    FT_Int      width;
    FT_Int      height;
    FT_Int32    flags;


} FTC_ImageTypeRec;


In old version (say before 2.1.0 ) , the structure has font field, but not in the 2.6.5


typedef struct FTC_ImageTypeRec_
    FTC_FontRec font;
    FT_Int32     flags;


} FTC_ImageTypeRec;


Can anyone give me a hint what is missing? It seems to me the microwindow bitbaking is not configured to use 2.6.5, which is bitbaked in the build folder.


Thank you,

david Zhou