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Customer Evaluation Tool for JN5179

Question asked by Prashant Tandel on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Estephania Martinez



We are using JN5179 as Zigbee Coordinator for our Product. We have designed a High Power module by taking the reference design of JN5179 M16 Module of DK5 and made few changes in DIO to configure the SKYWORKS chip.


We are facing issues while executing Customer Evaluation Tool (JN-AN-1210 - JN517x Customer Module Evaluation Tool). Various readings like RSSI is observed properly on M16 module while the same tests give wrong RSSI results on our production module.


We assume, these issues might be due to changes in DIOs made for our design as shown below.

*** Following are the changes made in our design which are different than the M16 DK5 design.


  1. RFRX (CRX) (DIO0 ---> DIO2) ====> (M16 had DIO0 while our module has DIO2).
  2. RFTX (CTX) (DIO1 ---> DIO3) ====> (M16 had DIO1 while our module has DIO3).
  3. ANT_SEL (DIO4 ---> DIO1) ====> (M16 had DIO4 while our module has DIO1).
  4. CSD Set to HIGH
  5. CHL Set to HIGH
  6. We are using RX LNA mode and TX High Power Mode.


If DIO change is the issue then can you please provide the customer evaluation tool with above changes.