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How to Install CodeWarrior TRK on Target System?

Question asked by bhagath chandar on Jan 3, 2018
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      I am using Code Warrior 10.5.1 in window 7. I am create linux application.. It will generate  .elf file.. In Debug Time,  following  error will appear,


 Error launching t4240_app_Linux_Application_Download
CodeWarriorTRKProtocolPlugin : Can't connect to AppTRK (Either target reset may be required or mismatch between selected and connected com port or com port not connected.)


How to solve the issue ?

How to execute .elf file with target system and trace llinus application..

Then How to codewarrior link with Apptrk connection.... 


plz give me the idea.....




I don't know if I have done a minor error or if the approach is totally wrong.


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