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OM5577 Tag Emulation Sensitivity

Question asked by Max S on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Kan_Li


I have two OM5577 modules. One is connected to a beaglebone black which is running the NXP image with the sample NFC application. The other is connected to the LPX82x Xpresso development board, onto which I loaded the NXP-NCI sample application. 


When running tag emulation function on the beaglebone, my Android phone picks up the tag successfully at about 1.5" away. However when running the tag emulation test on Xpresso board, I have to practically touch my phone to the antenna. Additionally, in the Xpresso board case, my Android app shows a toast message "Tag detect communication interrupted", even through the debug Console in Eclipse shows that the tag sent data to the phone successfully:

- LISTEN MODE: Activated from remote Reader
--- NDEF Record sent



1. Why such a big discrepancy between in tag sensitivity between the two cases. The module is identical. Could it be my power supply (beaglebone uses 2A supply wheres the Xpresso board is hooked up by USB to my PC).


2. Why might my phone not ready the tag fully?