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Temperature issue with PN5180A0HN/C1

Question asked by John Ploeg on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Kan_Li

We have developed a PCB with a PN5180A0HN/C1   The LPCD feature is enabled (=default setting)  at his moment. Despite that the antenna matching circuitry needs some tuning we already can read the mifare cards.   So the chip is fully functional.

But there is an issue with the temperature. The chip is getting to hot. We measure a hot spot temperature on the casing of 98 C.

What can cause this dissipation? 

Does anyone had the same problem? 

The schematics are included.


There is some conflicting information regarding the capacitor on pin 17.  (VMID)

At this moment this pin is left open. 

According to the reference design in Application Note(AN11744)  a 100nF capacitor should be connected ground.

But according to the PN5180 Datasheet this pin is grounded??

(In the second attachment this can be seen)


Please give us some feedback on these matters.

Kind regards

John Ploeg