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SGTL5000 HP_VGND Circuit Connection?

Question asked by Berlin Vince Joe V S on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by David Diaz Marin

I am using codec 32pin QFn SGTL5000 on design, i got confused about the HP_VGND connection.

In the datasheet at pin description it says as do not connect HP_VGND to system '0 Volt' ground,  but at later stage in the datasheet the description says "connect to the system ground as single point entry ".


So do we need to HP_VGND to system '0 Volt' ground ??

Also do we need to have separate analog and digital GND for Codec.


please go through the attached image !!!!


Thanks for your suggestions in advance !!!!!