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Coldfire mcf54418 CAU assembly

Question asked by Chang Liu on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by TomE

I am using the CAU on MCF54418.   The compiler is GCC. I have got the "" from NXP.

But the GCC can not identify the  CAU commands, such as cp0ld.l , cp0st.l, etc.


The assembly codes below can not through compiler.

cp0ld.l (%a2)+,&LDR+CA0 # h[0] -> CA0
cp0ld.l (%a2)+,&LDR+CA1 # h[1] -> CA1
cp0ld.l (%a2)+,&LDR+CA2 # h[2] -> CA2
cp0ld.l (%a2)+,&LDR+CA3 # h[3] -> CA3
cp0ld.l (%a2)+,&LDR+CA4 # h[4] -> CA4    


I wonder to know, how can I use the source codes in  " " with GCC ?

Thanks a lot.