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Peripherals Tool: LPC546xx double pin nrs

Question asked by b.winter on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by Libor Ukropec

Downloaded the Tools to get an overview on how the peripheral pins would look on a lqfp100 package.

Selected the LPC54606J512BD100.

Started assigning pins, things where different in the data-sheet.

Started from scratch.

Select: USBFSH  -> first two pins are : USB0_DP [97] & USB_DM [98]

Selected (and assigned)

On the package windows the Top left pin is assigned to USB_DM this is Pin 100, USB0_DP is assigned to in 99 (package only)

In the Left (pins) window they appear the  right way.

However the pins window i don't see 100 pins but a total of 102 pins as pin 30 is listed twice (VSSA & VREFN), same for pin 55 (pio1_1 & wakeup)


Could be a user error as i am new and just selected a random uC but i can't see what i did wrong.