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Task List (FreeRTOS) in KDS 3.2 is not working

Question asked by Mahendran Manoharan on Dec 30, 2017
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I am trying to run a basic FreeRTOS project in KDS 3.2 with couple of tasks for Kwikstik K40 Ver 5.0.


Project is getting Debugged successfully, but I could not see any tasks in the Task List (FreeRTOS) or Heap Usage (FreeRTOS)


I updated the FreeRTOSConfig.h through components inspector window. I updated the following parameters


Visualization and tracing
Statistic formatting functions 


And as per the directions in one of the forums, I added the Utility.h, Utility.c and PE_KSDK_Types.h from web. But not sure, how to far the files are correct ones.


Please advise on how to see the tasks in the Task List (FreeRTOS) and Heap Usage (FreeRTOS)


I am attaching the project files, Error, Debug Configuration for your reference.


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