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Ethernet Transmission Problem

Question asked by Pankaj Patil on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by jeremyzhou

Hello,  we are using LPC54608J512. While working with ethernet stuck somewhere in transmission of data. 

MAC is configured as described in datasheet and as referenced by sample codes in LPCexpresso. 

1) Data is receiving as expected. And working fine.  Also physical chip communicate correctly. 

That gives all events correctly like autonegotiation. PHY8720

2 ) steps following for transmission:

      a) Fill buffer for at current descriptor index

       b) setup descriptor for transmission. IOC                    disabled. 

       c) increment descriptor index

       d) set tail pointer = next descriptors start                     address in ring. 

       e) poll for own flag to clear by descriptor

       f) following steps a to e for each                                 transmission. 

Even if we use interrupt for transmission, get interrupt after each transmission. 

But frame in not shown at PC side,  wireshark 

How we can check transmitted out frames by MAC?  Is there any configuration wrong? 

How to check frame received by Phy8720? 


Please help for the same. 

Thank you.