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Questions about HW/SW Interupt  MPC5744P.

Question asked by Jerry Lee on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Jerry Lee


     I have read the hardware interupt and software interupt mode of MPC5744P.



     In the example of the HW mode, Example MPC5744P HardwareVectoreMode S32DS_1.0 

     The IVOR1_Handler has been defined as the exception handler.

     In Vector.c: 

     In MPC5744P-HardwareVectoreMode-S32DS.c:







     In the other example of SW mode , IVOR4_Handler is used to do the interupt service rountine.





So, my question is :


     1. What is the usage of IVOR0-IVOR15?

             I have read that IVOR4 is used in the software mode in MPC5744PRM.pdf,  how this happen to be IVOR4?

             And other IVORns are not mentioned in the file.

     2. In hardware interupt mode, how the cpu know the exception should go to IVOR1 in the example, why not IVOR0 and other ones?

            And can anyone can explain the difference between interupt and exception? 

            And I have noticed that there is no exception management in the example using software interupt mode.




Thanks a lot!