Muhib Raza

[SOLVED] Working printf code developed with CodeWarrior v11 for ColdFire. Tested on M52233DEMO board.

Discussion created by Muhib Raza on Dec 27, 2017

Hi all,

I just received a piece of code from NXP tech support that I have been requesting for long time but no one was able to provide me a working software. I needed a software that works in the following conditions:

• Be developed on Eclipse based CodeWarrior Version 11

• Independent of Processor Expert

• Not utilize putchar and other serial functions. only a working "printf" code

• Should print on UART0

• Be receivable on computer terminal software like hyperterminal, Teraterm, realterm etc.

• Not intended for Console IO

• Work on M52233DEMO board

• Not intended for RAM or Console RAM target, only the FLASH target should work


Someone from NXP tech support told me that all demo software for Coldfire MCF52233 was developed in legacy/Classic codewarrior v6.3 and now this processor is really old so the new eclipse based version has no demo project for this board. And that if I really wanted an eclipse based demo for this processor I should install CW v10.1 which has a demo for this board. Which I didnt want to because my intended IDE was v11. I tried creating a new bareboard project in CW v11 but the printf function didnt work no matter how much I struggled. Tried searching in the community posts and didnt find anything relevant. So finally, when I got the working printf demo software I thought of sharing it with the community members. Hope this helps people who may be in a similar situation as me!