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SIMD Instructions - Cortex M7

Question asked by ivekengineer on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by Richard Mensah

I want to use the SIMD and other CM7 instructions in my application.  It is not clear to me whether the SDK/CMSIS or compiler has either built-ins functions or macros that support them.  I see that the cmsis_gcc.h file contains some macros for the SIMD intrinsics, but they seem to be guarded by some #if defined statements, and the symbols do not appear to be defined anywhere (one of the symbols is __ARM_ARCH_7EM__, is that the architecture of the CM7?).  Also, if I look at the gnu C documentation, there appears to possibly be some built-in functions for these intrinisics. However, it is not clear to me whether MCUXpresso is using the GNU c compiler (all the pre-processor symbols seem to indicate so, however, the current toolchain is listed as "NXP MCU Tools" - though I assume they are just vendor specific compilations of GNU tools).


Bottom line, there are some specific CM7 core instructions I would like to take advantage of without needing to write assembly routines.  How do I go about doing so?