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How to use FreeRTOS and FATFS together in S32_SDK_MPC574xx_EAR_0.8.1

Question asked by Jerome Li on Dec 26, 2017
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I've got some problem when trying to use FreeRTOS and FATFS together in S32_SDK_MPC574xx_EAR_0.8.1.


1. If I add "USING_OS_FREERTOS" into "Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings->Standard S32DS Assembler->Symbols", FreeRTOS works properly. However, when I run f_mount(), the program is stuck at the following location. And I found that's because sdhc interrupts are not serviced.


2. If I delete the "USING_OS_FREERTOS" symbol, f_mount() can be completed without any error. But the program is stuck at IVOR8, as follows:


What can I do to make them both work correctly? by the way, My IDE is "S32DS Power 2017.R1", and MCU is MPC5748G.