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How can we code to emit continuous wave @2440 from QN9080 as a stand alone device?

Question asked by daisuke on Dec 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by antonioconcio

We would like to design the antenna for our Bluetooth connected device and we would like to code the QN9080 to emit continuous wave(CW). We know there are Test Command using host computer via UART with HCI command, but we really would like to emit CW as stand alone device, which means there are no hosts, no cables to QN9080. 
When QN9080 is powered on, we just make it emit CW and measure the RF power. 


I checked the SDK and there are some vendor specific command. In the document "QN90xx TEST Command of the Host Controller Interface", there are LE_QN_CFG_TEST_CMD and I think this should be one I try to use. How can we call this command via SDK? Hci_VendorSpecificDebug function in hci_interface.h ?? How can we use them? 


If you could provide any comments/suggestion, it would be much appreciated.