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processor expert events.c

Question asked by Doug Paulsen on Dec 26, 2017
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I'm using CW10.4 with Processor Expert and have questions regarding the way Processor Expert sets up interrupt functions in the generated module Events.c.  The automated setup works, but I don't see any function declarations of __interrupt void functionname(void), or the macro ISR(functionname).  The module Events.c has various xxxx_OnInterrupt() functions and those are properly referenced in the vector table, and they seem to work.  But shouldn't those functions which handle interrupts be declared as such?  I'm surprised Processor Expert doesn't do this since it seems to set up the interrupts and their ISRs otherwise.  Am I supposed to add the ISR declarations manually, or does the system somehow otherwise identify these functions as ISRs?  If I do manually declare the Events.c xxx_OnInterrupt() functions as such, the next time Processor Expert generates code, I creates wholly new ISRs - again with plain ol' vanilla void functionname(void) declarations.  Curious.... 


Thanks for any info