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I2C communication error   KE02 I2C Bootloader AN4775

Question asked by LIYANG CHENG on Dec 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

First of all. I have to say sorry for my English since I am not a native speaker.


I use two FRDM-KE02Z4,R42、R45 are removed,0R for R39 R47.

Convert board and target board SDA SCL has  4.7k pull-up resistor on 3.3v.


Target board and conversion board can not hook.


Power on ,the contents of the communication between the target board and conversion board is not

A0 06 00 00 00 02 08 A1 82 FC CheckSum, but A0 06 00 00 00 02 08 A1 55 73 3F , 55 is fixed , 73 3F is random.


I use the debugger tracking and found that the program will not enter FC_Check inside
if (FC_CheckReceiveFrame (& gu8I2CRxFrameBuff [0], * pRxFrameLenth))



So there is no implementation of the
    case FC_CMD_HOOK:
        I2C_WriteTxComACK (FC_CMD_HOOK);
        I2C_WriteOneByteToTxBuff (FC_CMD_ACK);


Hopefully there's someone that can help me.