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Question asked by zhiqiang wang on Dec 26, 2017
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1.IMX6Q更换到4G内存,使用Mx6DQSDL DDR3 Script Aid V0.08.xlsx文件生成RealView .inc
2.使用DDR_Stress_Tester_V1.0.3做calibration和压力测试。 the DDR density per chip select时选择9(注:如果选择0,当2GB使用测试OK)


loop: 1
DDR Freq: 198 MHz
t0.1: data is addr test
Address of failure: 0x10000000
Data was: 0x00000000
But pattern  should match address



Memory part number:
Memory type:DDR3-1600
DRAM density (Gb)8
DRAM Bus Width16
Number of Banks8
Number of ROW Addresses16
Number of COLUMN Addresses10
Page Size (K)2
Self-Refresh Temperature (SRT)Normal
tRCD=tRP=CL (ns)13.75
tRC Min (ns)48.75
tRAS Min (ns)35
System Information
i.Mx Parti.Mx6Q
Bus Width64
Density per chip select (Gb)32
Number of Chip Selects used1
Total DRAM Density (Gb)32
DRAM Clock Freq (MHz)528
DRAM Clock Cycle Time (ns)1.894
Address Mirror (for CS1)Disable
SI Configuration
DRAM DSE Setting - DQ/DQM (ohm)48
DRAM DSE Setting - ADDR/CMD/CTL (ohm)48
DRAM DSE Setting - CK (ohm)48
DRAM DSE Setting - DQS (ohm)48
System ODT Setting (ohm)60