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Stopwatch Timer using FRDM-KL43Z

Discussion created by Ashok Ra on Dec 24, 2017
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This tutorial explain the implementation of simple stopwatch timer using FRDM-KL43Z board. FRDM-KL43Z comes with segment LCD display. we going to use this SLCD to display the time (4 digits, 0-99 sec). Project is based on the MCUXpresso IDE with SDK 2.3.0 version (


I have configured PIT module to generate system ticks for every 10ms.

/* Set timer period for channel 0 */
    PIT_SetTimerPeriod(PIT, kPIT_Chnl_0, USEC_TO_COUNT(10000U, PIT_SOURCE_CLOCK));

The value of the system ticks will be displayed on the slcd screen


SW1 button is used for Start/Stop the timer

SW3 button is used for Reset the timer

Stopwatch KL43Z


Download the source attached in this post