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PN7150 Initialize Failure

Question asked by lv guangzhao on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Xiaozhu Qiu

We use PN7150 for NFC function in our product. our platform use BCM68360.
Now, we have read document AN11697_PN71xx Linux Software Stack Integration Guidelines.pdf for integration.
after we compile kernel driver and nfcDemoApp to our broadcom platform, we run command "nfcDemoApp poll" within our board.
but there is no comment "waiting for a Tag/Device......".

we enable some debug level in libnfc-nxp.conf and capture some log message.
please help to check the attached log and find the root cause of initialize fail.
Thank you very much!

Especially the last paragraph as below in my log.

NxpHal: read successful status = 0x0
NxpHal: phNxpNciHal_print_res_status: response status =STATUS_SYNTAX_ERROR
NxpHal: Invalid Data from config file . Aborting..
NxpTml: PN54X - Write requested.....