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how to use the optimization of the codewarrior

Question asked by LEbron Ji on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2017 by Martin Kovar

hello all,

      I have a question that a program with the level 2 of optimization commad.The version of the program runs on the same 10 hardware platforms, of which there is a board program does not run for a while. This version of program optimization option is level 2. But when I choose the level of optimization level 0. This version of the process can be normal operation does not appear stuck, the function is normal.

the figure:the optimization as show:

I have a few questions,

(1) codewarrior optimization options optimization code how to view the assembly language?

(2)  whether the project is recommended to use optimization options; (3) Some people think that codewarrior optimization options could introduce a bug so do not recommend Use, is it reasonable? (4) My project has entered a small batch test, 500 boards only a board appears such a situation, whether I need to cancel the optimization options. Is this necessary?

i hope your advice.