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Sensor Fusion V7.X for FRDM-KLM25Z Board?

Question asked by Adam Carlson on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2017 by Mike Stanley

I have the FRDM FXS Mult2-B shield coupled with the FRDM KLM25Z board.  I was able to get up and running in the Sensor Toolbox with the precompiled version.  In reading through the displays in the Sensor Toolbox, I realized that it is running V5 of the sensor fusion algorithms.


I downloaded the SDK only to realize that there is no standalone version, and there is some type of virtualized RTOS version. 


First question, will there be a release for this board for the V7 Sensor Fusion algorithms, and second, if so, is there any timeline for this release?  I am particularly interested as I am wanting to develop this with a Cortex M0(+) uC.