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Question asked by Sean McCartan on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by Sean McCartan

Microcontroller: Kinetis KV31P128

IDE: MCUXpresso

SDK: SDK_2.2_MKV31F128xxx10


I am needing to communicate with the micro using UART0. I have setup the UART0 interrupt to be triggered when a single byte of data is received.


If I set a break-point at "void UART0_DriverIRQHandler(void)" routine, the break-point is triggered as soon as I write a byte of data to UART0.


The peripheral registers are set as follows:

  • UART0_S1: IDLE = 1, RDRF = 1, TC = 1, TDRE = 1, others = 0
  • UART0_S2: RXEDGIF = 1, others = 0
  • UART0_D: 0x55 (the byte I sent to UART0)

The problem I am having is as follows:

As soon as I step into the IRQ handler: "void UART_TransferHandleIRQ(UART_Type *base, uart_handle_t *handle)"  the RDRF and IDLE flags in UART0_S1 and the value in UART0_D are cleared. UART0_S2 remains unchanged. As a result of this, my callback function is never triggered.


Source code as follows:


#include "board_init.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include "board.h"
#include "fsl_uart.h"
#include "clock_config.h"
#include "MKV31F12810.h"
#include "fsl_gpio.h"


#define UART0_CLKSRC kCLOCK_PllFllSelClk
#define UART0_CLK_FREQ CLOCK_GetFreq(kCLOCK_PllFllSelClk)


uart_handle_t g_uartHandle;
uart_transfer_t sendXfer;
uart_transfer_t receiveXfer;


uint8_t g_tipString[] = "UART0\r\n";


volatile bool txFinished;
volatile bool rxFinished;
uint8_t receiveData[32];


void UART0_UserCallback(UART_Type *base, uart_handle_t *handle, status_t status, void *userData)
    userData = userData;
    if (kStatus_UART_TxIdle == status)
        txFinished = true;
    if (kStatus_UART_RxIdle == status)
        rxFinished = true;


int main(void) {
    uart_transfer_t xfer;
    uint8_t ch;
    uart_config_t config;




    config.baudRate_Bps = 115200;
    config.enableTx = true;
    config.enableRx = true;
    config.rxFifoWatermark = 1;


    UART_Init(UART0, &config, UART0_CLK_FREQ);


    printf("Hello World\n"); = g_tipString;
    xfer.dataSize = sizeof(g_tipString) - 1;


    UART_TransferCreateHandle(UART0, &g_uartHandle, UART0_UserCallback, NULL);
    UART_EnableInterrupts(UART0, kUART_RxDataRegFullInterruptEnable | kUART_IdleLineInterruptEnable);


    UART_TransferSendNonBlocking(UART0, &g_uartHandle, &xfer);


        if(rxFinished == true)
            // Do Stuff........
            rxFinished = false;
    return 0 ;


Thanks for the help in advance.